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the technology

We use powerful and robust proprietary eye & brain stimulation techniques, in order to create fast and significant effects in the brain and visual system. We use any streaming commercially available content processed by our software, as a carrier to achieve the desired physiological affect. The ReviView™ platform is flexible, and allows complex, tissue targeted, stimulation protocols. We demonstrated it works for treating Amblyopia (while watching cartoons); for modulating Ocular Hemodynamics in Open Angle Glaucoma patients, during a single 30 minutes session (watching a wildlife documentary).

The technology for treating Amblyopia is out-licensed and anticipated to be commercially available in 2020, branded Binovision™.

POCs to date

Treating Amblyopia was an initial proof of concept of the platform - stimulating both the eye and the brain, encouraging brain-plasticity and thus improving visual acuity. Our recently published study in Open-Angle Glaucoma patients, demonstrated immediate increase in ocular blood flow, as well as in re-activating latent retinal capillaries. In a brain imaging pilot study using ASL MRI, we evaluated the effect of 20min watching a video using ReviView™ on brain perfusion and CBF, where we demonstrated up to 25% changes in brain perfusion, with an effect sustaining even 1.5 hours after the stimulation.


These POCs set grounds for further research towards developing Digital Therapy modalities, for treatments of eye and brain diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and improving general wellness.

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