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Visior developed a digital Eye & Brain Therapeutic Stimulation technology platform for treating eye  & brain related medical conditions.

Efficacy and safety was established in treating Amblyopia (TASMC, Israel, 2014), and in modulating ocular blood flow in Glaucoma patients (Indiana University, USA, 2016). We are currently engaged in evaluating feasibility of modulating Cerebral Blood Flow and Brain Perfusion, with promising early data, which could be applicable to for developing digital therapy modalities for neurodegenerative related conditions. 

how it's done

ReviView™, Visior’s proprietary technology platform, transforms any streaming audio visual content displayed on a near eye display into a specific stimuli carrier. The user picks what to watch, and a real-time image manipulation is used to create a specific stimuli regimens. 

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Kids like this fun treatment for Lazy-Eye with no patches,   Feb 23,2017
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Kids like this fun treatment for lazy eye with no patches, Feb 23,2017
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